Introducing: Gary Swickley!

Gary Swickley is a Pittsburgh native and was active in Central East NCSY, joining in high school. Upon graduated, he started a Junior NCSY chapter there. Having attended Yeshiva University for his undergraduate education, he went on to Harvard Business School and dabbled in real estate investments. Afterwards, Gary and his wife Pam (and one-year-old daughter) went to Israel to study in yeshiva for a year. 21 years later, they are still living in Israel, now in Beit Shemesh.

Gary started a chain of stores in Israel called “The Machsan” which sold export surplus of Israel-made-clothing and enjoyed a 10-year-run. He then created Blue and White Kids, an Israel-made-clothing-line which marketed its cloths to Jewish schools and camps in the US. In fact, Blue and White Kids screenprinted skirts for several NCSY regions!

His most recent endeavor focuses on the modest clothing marketplace. Gary created a retail internet site called Kosher Casual, The collection includes a range of skirts for girls, teens and women, Sleevies, TeeNecks and cropped shell options, in addition to layering tops created from numerous fabrics and sleeve lengths. As everything is made in Israel, prices are affordable. For those who prefer local shopping, the company has a sales outlet in Teaneck, NJ.

Kosher Casual also has an affiliate program set up with numerous schools, on-line businesses, and non-profit organizations that they can earn commissions on referrals from your organization, so please give Gary a call on his toll free-number from the US 1866 825-3161 or send him an e-mail at