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    The Orthodox Union is proud to present: THE SPIRIT INITIATIVE: Stimulating Program Initiative for Retirees That Inspires Thought Tuesday, May 5  11 am EDT SANDI LEV, NASM, CPT […]

The OU’s Daily Tehillim Call

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY

Join the OU's daily Tehillim and Chizuk call Sunday-Friday at 1:00 PM EDT and connect with Jews across the world for daily inspiration.

Global Emtza Family Trivia Night

Join Southern NCSY in a Family Trivia Night - everyone will be challenged with their knowledge of some great movies most are sure to know! Amazon gift cards will be distributed at the end of the program to our lucky winners.

ALONE TOGETHER PART III: Ascending the Marriage Mountain

On-Line 11 Broadway, NY

Tuesday, May 5,  9 pm (EDT) FOR YOUNG MARRIED COUPLES/FAMILIES: ALONE TOGETHER PART III: ASCENDING THE MARRIAGE MOUNTAIN: Fortifying the base Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Schwartz, PsyD Rav, Congregation Adath Israel […]