Don’t Miss The Boat

Don’t Miss The Boat (Read to the end to see what I mean).

Last week NCSY held its winter Regional Directors Conference for Regional Directors and their top staff. It is always a pleasure to be around these dedicated and talented leaders of Klal Yisroel. I was zoche to give a session about the new fundraising software we will be using soon and our alumni connections on campus as well as Birthright. I was EXTREMELY pleased that finding out where our alumni are going to college is now the number one concern of NCSY’s national administration, the OU administration and now also NCSY’s regional administrations. Wow, what a real difference we are making!!

I shared with the staff that we have 23 buses going on Birthright Israel this summer and that they are missing the boat. You as alumni are missing the boat too!!

For every applicant accepted to a Birthright trip, there are five people applying. If you tell a friend to put NCSYAlum in the referral field when they apply, they move to the top of the list!

Use your power, don’t miss the boat ;)

Have an Awesome Shabbat,

Rabbi Dave