Crying on Thanksgiving

Without you I’d be crying on Thanksgiving; thank you to OU Campus program, JLIC, from all the NCSY alumni.

A few weeks ago, I spent Shabbos with the Shulman family at the University of Pennsylvania. The Shulmans are paid by the OU to strengthen the Jewish religious community life on campus. The couple is in daily contact with hundreds of the alumni of OU programs; they lead shiurim, host meals and have an open door for one on one counseling.

A person might think that the OU couples on campus are needed for someone else’s kid but never MY kid.
I spoke with our most involved alumni, who were on regional board since they could walk, won NCSYer of the year, went to the top yeshivot for a couple of years.

As they talked about the religious struggles they go through on a campus where they have multiple minyanim and shiurim to choose from in every time slot, I realized the true value of these amazing OU educator couples.
Our best kids said to me over and over again, without the Shulmans, I would not have made it. So at this time of thanksgiving, I thank the Shulmans and the other 14 OU educator couples on campuses throughout the US and Canada for helping my kid and all of our kids. Without you, I’d be crying on Thanksgiving right about now.

Have an AWESOME Shabbat,

Rabbi Dave