bridging the gap

I believe that NCSY alumni have the ability to bridge the growing gaps within our society and we just need minimal resources made available to us to do so. I remember the feeling that I could accomplish anything when I was in NCSY fostered by a great chapter advisor Danny Sykes who let us be responsible for our own success and failure and a Regional administration of Rabbi Lowenbraun who inspired us to dream big and Bonnie Pollak who was there to catch us if (or when) we fell down along the way. In this spirit I'd like to announce: seed grants for alumni programming on college campus.

We have to start somewhere so we'll start with the youngest alumni and give them up to $500 seed grants to run programs that will “make a difference” on their college campus. The program should be aimed at connecting Jews of different backgrounds (bridging gaps) and must be run by at least one alum. To apply send an email to

Have an awesome Sukkot and Shabbat,

Rabbi Dave