BRCA Testing for Men and Women of Jewish Ancestry Offered for Free in BFOR Trial

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16 May 2018

The BFOR Study is open!

As a reminder, the BRCA Founder Outreach Study (BFOR) is an important new genetic study of particular relevance to the Jewish community.

BFOR seeks to increase access to genetic testing for the most common BRCA gene mutations.

Women and men with a BRCA gene mutation have a greater risk of developing several types of cancer including breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. People who know they carry a BRCA mutation can take potentially life-saving steps to manage their risk for these cancers. Yet, most of those at risk do not know they are BRCA positive.

The BFOR study will offer BRCA genetic testing, at no cost to participants, to women and men age 25 or older with at least one grandparent of Ashkenazi (Eastern European) ancestry. Because of shared ancestry, this group is at least ten times more likely than the general population to inherit certain kinds of BRCA mutations which are known as founder mutations.

You can learn more at Also, follow the BFOR Study on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are outreach materials you can use to spread awareness about BFOR:

Please feel free to contact me or the BFOR study’s PR team, Nathan Miller or Meira Feinman at Miller Ink, with ANY questions regarding the materials themselves or how to use them, or a modification you may need.

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