Yachad Birthright

The OU is rightly proud of Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities. We are also proud of our Birthright trips, sending 1,200 young people to Israel on over 30 trips each year, many experiencing the beauty and sanctity of our homeland for the first time. We are therefore doubly proud of the Yachad Birthright trip, possibly unique among all such excursions.

Rabbi Steven Burg, International Director of NCSY, recently returned from Israel, where he saw Yachad Birthright in action. His thoughts on this moving experience can be foundhere. Kudos to Director of OU Alumni Connections Rabbi David Felsenthal and his staff in New York, Director of Programs Menachem Persoff at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem, and the dedicated Yachad staff led by Jillian Schutkin.