Winter Issue Jewish Action is Now Available

The winter issue of Jewish Action is now out in hard copy and online. Among the content in this issue:

The New Economic Reality – For Jewish communities around the country, the economic downturn, which began with the stock market crash in 2008, has persisted, with staggering numbers of people who are unemployed or underemployed. Learn how Jewish communities are responding to the downturn and how to cope with job loss and financial stress.

Responses to Why Aren’t Our Kids in Shul? – Rabbis weigh in on whether teenagers skipping shul on Shabbat morning is cause for alarm or just a passing phase-and what, if anything, there is to do about it.

Speaking with Rabbi Israel Meir Lau – Journalist Michael Freund converses with Israel’s former chief rabbi, Rabbi Israel Lau about the Israeli scene, anti-Semitism, and the recent translation of his remarkable memoir into English Out of the Depths: The Story of a Child of Buchenwald Who Returned Home at Last, of which OU Press is a co-publisher.

Cooking on a Budget: Chanukah Recipes for Less Gelt – Having a lot of guests at your family’s Chanukah party? Here are some recipes that are cheap and filling-without scrimping on taste!

Are Too Many Toys Bad for Our Children? – Come Chanukah and parents may be tempted to buy the latest fads their children have been begging for all year, but one parent reflects on whether too much of a good thing is really that good.