Tisha B’Av with the OU

This coming Tuesday is Tisha B’Av and I wanted to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to join in a moving and inspirational Tisha B’Av experience. The morning starts at 9:00 AM with Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb who will expound upon the kinos of the day.

You can follow the program live at www.ou.org (pre-register at www.ou.org/tishabav). For those watching the webcast online, at 1:00 PM, following Rabbi Weinreb, I take over the webcast from the Boca Raton Synagogue. The Tisha B’Av web page will also feature material from past years so that people can listen and be inspired throughout the day (actually starting when Tisha B’Av begins, on Monday night).

The OU’s annual Tisha B’Av program is a major event, watched by an audience of thousands around the world. Hearing the divrei chizuk can enhance and deepen your experience of the day.