The OU Pesach Guide is Here!

The invaluable annual OU Guide to Passover has arrived! Among the many people to be thanked for this indispensable contribution to Jewish life are Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Singer,Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz, Rabbi Aharon Brun-Kestler, Rabbi Eli Eleff, Rabbi Yosef Grossman, Avigail Klein, David Olivestone, Rabbi David Polsky, Rabbi Gavriel Price, Carrie Beylus, Yocheved Lefkovits, Raizy Rosenfeld and Tova Belsh. Members of the public wishing to get a copy should contact Roberta Levine (cost $3.00) at 212-563-4000. You may also wish to check out the OU Passover web site.