The Longest Month

NAIM – Yachad‘s North American Inclusion Month – may be long over, but its impact continues. Mr. Aaron Kinderlehrer Chair of the OU’s NJCD/Yachad Commission, recently traveled to Stamford, CT for a Shabbos “good will mission.” Mr. Kinderlehrer addressed a capacity crowd at Congregation Agudas Sholom on “Special Needs, Special People, Special Effects.” This sermon, about the OU, Yachad and NAIM, was well received. In the afternoon, at the Young Israel of Stamford, Aaron and his wife Toby led a Q&A session for the entire community on Yachad, a boon to parents of special-needs children with questions as to the resources available to them.

Mr. Kinderlehrer delivered another talk about Yachad and NAIM at shalosh seudos, plus he held numerous private discussions with those who had specific questions about Yachad and special needs.
We at the OU are grateful not only for the incredible work being done by NJCD/Yachad, but also for dedicated individuals like the Kinderlehrers, who give of their time and considerable talents to further the cause.