The Taryag Companion

OU Torah Content Editor Rabbi Jack Abramowitz has released his largest and most ambitious book to date, The Taryag Companion. Clocking in at 694 pages, this hefty tome includes thorough and incisive explanations of all 613 mitzvos (according to the Rambam’s list) in Rabbi Jack’s own inimitable fashion. Supplemental materials will enlighten readers on a broad array of related topics, from halachos l’Moshe miSinai to the mitzvos d’rabbanan and from the 39 melachos of Shabbos to the 13 Torah-study methodologies of Rabbi Yishmael. The book also sports a striking cover by OU graphic designer extraordinaire Raizy Rosenfeld. The Taryag Companion is available through OU Press (hardcover: softcover: but it’s available to OU staff at a significant discount in Rabbi Jack’s office at OU headquarters.