THe OU and IPA Hosted Commissioner Jerome Hauer

The OU and its Institute for Public Affairs hosted a meeting between Jerome Hauer, the newly-confirmed commissioner of New York State’s Division of Homeland Security, and more than 60 leaders of New York synagogues and yeshivas. Commissioner Hauer pledged to officially appoint a member of his senior staff to work with the OU to ensure the proper dissemination of security information and funding availability to ensure the Jewish community’s preparedness.

The meeting was called in order to introduce Commissioner Hauer and the Jewish community leaders to one another, and to make the Jewish leaders aware of the resources available to them through the state’s Division of Homeland Security. Despite being in the midst of the New York State budget process, and after only six weeks after being confirmed in office, the Commissioner spent almost two hours taking questions from synagogue and school leaders.

Michael Cohen, the OU’s New York State Director of Political Affairs, said, “Commissioner Hauer’s willingness to take the time and meet with the Jewish community signals his dedication to improving our community’s safety and security. Commissioner Hauer and the OU are proud to provide resources that Jewish communities across the state can – and should – draw upon as they seek to guard against potential threats.”