The Latest Jewish Action Is Out

The latest edition of Jewish Action is out, featuring a striking cover and cover story on “Why Can’t We All Get Along?” In this thought-provoking symposium on Jewish unity, leading rabbis and thinkers across the Orthodox spectrum take a hard look at the deep divisions in contemporary Orthodox life and offer their candid views of a future of greater tolerance and harmony.  Contributors include Rabbi Hillel Goldberg, Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schachter, Dr. Erica Brown, and many others.  

Other articles in this issue include “Abuse in our Midst,” about the strides the Orthodox community has taken in addressing sexual and other forms of abuse in our communities; “The Jews of Mahanoy City,” a journey through the surprisingly-rich Jewish life that once flourished in a small Pennsylvania mining town; and “Shabbat Menu Makeover,” in which nutritionist Shira Isenberg shows how one can enjoy an elegant, satisfying Shabbat meal without sacrificing one’s waistline.

Our thanks go to Nechama Carmel and the entire intrepid Jewish Action team for another superlative issue.