Team OU Staff Highlight

Anthony has been with the OU for 28 years, or as Anthony puts it, “more than 10,000 days.” His trip to the OU was an unusual one to say the least.

Anthony started as a part-time envelope stuffer. (Back in the day, rather than use a mailing house, Anthony’s boss would bring the mail home to be stuffed by neighborhood youth.) Anthony was so good that when a position opened up, he was hired for it but he was “the lowest guy on the ladder.” When his boss was out for six months, Anthony picked up the slack. Upon his return, the boss was disappointed to see how well things ran without him, so he told the powers that be “It’s him or me.” If you wonder how that went, you’ll notice that Anthony is still here.

His transition to the OU was likewise unusual. His first week on the job, an older woman tripped, so he caught her. She yelled, “Let go!’ so he let her drop and thought, “These people are crazy.”[1] Anthony stands by his statement that the people in the OU are crazy, “but in the best sense – about tradition and family. They look out for each other. They’re a great example for other communities.” What Anthony likes best about the lifestyle of most OU employees is tzniyus. “It’s so much better than the MTV style of dress” he tells his teenage daughter.

Anthony lives in North Bergen with his wife and two children. We look forward to the next 10,000 days!


1. This woman’s reaction does not necessarily reflect halacha l’maaseh; consult your LOR.