Team Yachad Listed on Jerusalem Marathon Website

Team Yachad is listed on the Jerusalem Marathon website as a participating charity. There are already more than 25 runners registered to run with Team Yachad in Jerusalem.  They are aiming to recruit people who either live in Israel or those who are studying in Israel for the year.

Among the OU employees who will be running with Team Yachad in Miami next week are Ahuva Davis (Assistant Coordinator, Baltimore Yachad), Zahava Gutstein (Assistant Coordinator, Chicago Yachad), Eli Hagler (Assistant Director, Yachad), Chani Herrmann (Director, New Jersey Yachad), Chavie Kahn (Principal, Marilyn David IVDU High School), Dr. Deborah Mann (School Coordinator, IVDU Schools), Penny Pazornick (Synagogue Services), Rivki Rosenblatt (Kashrus), Jillian Scheer (Program Director, NY Yachad) and Rebecca Schrag (Program Director, NY Yachad). Our thanks go to one and all for supporting this important endeavor!