Stephen Savitsky at Young Israel of East Brunswick April 20-21

OU Chairman of the Board Stephen J. Savitsky will visit the Young Israel of East Brunswick as scholar-in-residence Shabbat Parshat Shemini, April 20-21, as part of a community weekend coordinated by the OU’s Karasik Department of Synagogue Services. Mr. Savitsky will give the Shabbat morning drasha on “How Do We Restore Honesty and Integrity in the Orthodox Jewish World?” Shabbos afternoon, he will address “Top Challenges Facing the Orthodox World in 2012, With Solutions.” He will also speak during shalosh seudot on “What Are the Steps Needed For Communities to Grow?”

Rabbi Jay Weinstein of the Young Israel of East Brunswick said, “We are extremely excited to be hosting Mr. Savitsky in our shul. Our community benefits from many of the wonderful programs and services that the OU provides. We hope to utilize Mr. Savtisky’s expertise to help our community continue to grow and flourish.”