Synagogue Initiative Resources

Opportunities and resources for your shul right now.

Check out for even more resources.

Plan a Relief Mission - to Israel and Beyond

Check out our site to explore the impact we've made so far. Email to plan your own!

Connect with OU Advocacy

Email to see how our Advocacy team can help you navigate federal grants, reach your local representatives, and join our advocacy-minded Rabbinical network.

Fundraise Creatively

Crayola Flowers is an innovative and creative fundraiser. Explore how your shul can raise money year-round and at specific events!

Board Training

"The 10 Commandments of Shul Boards" is an interactive seminar to help Shul Boards achieve their potential by defining roles, sharing best practices, and facilitating a conversation around roles and goals for the board and Shul. Topics include: Lay Leader & Paid Staff Dynamic ; Articulating Values ; Strategy vs. Operations ; Governance. The presentation is tailored to address your shul's most pressing issues. Email to schedule a seminar at your shul.

Celebrate Shabbat with Shuls Across North America, Friday, March 1st, 2024

Welcome your members and others in your community into shul for Shabbat Across America and Canada (SAA/C). Since its inception 28 years ago, SAA/C has included more than 1.1 million participants. By joining SAA/C, your shul will participate in the biggest North American event unifying Jewish communities. Click here to learn more, receive NJOP’s free Shabbat programming materials, and register to host.

Is your shul as inclusive as it could be?

Click to hear Yachad representatives and shul community members share personal experiences to discuss the importance of including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community. To schedule a sensitivity training at your shul, email

Available Burial Plots in Israel

A new group is developing plots for purchase on Har Hamenuchot and Har Hazeitim. Click to learn more.

New Podcast

In "Judaism in the 21st Century," Rabbi Daniel Cohen and Steve Labkoff explore modern life, guided by Jewish insights. The podcast draws on Torah wisdom to address today's challenges and navigate our complex world. Click to listen on Spotify.

Navigate Healthcare Choices with Jewish Wisdom

Ematai offers halachic guidance on a range of issues relating to aging and end-of-life care, including a new halachic living will. Visit the site for many resources and services.

Lay Leaders - Let's Connect

Join our WhatsApp group connecting Lay Leaders

Gabbaim - Let's Connect

Join our WhatsApp group connecting Gabbaim

Shul Administrators & Executive Directors - Let's Connect

Join our WhatsApp group connecting Shul Admin and Executive Directors

Teach Your Community Hebrew

Our Partners at NJOP have created a grant program to support Shuls with explanatory programming. Monetary stipends and additional resources are available.

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Order the 2024 Pesach Guide

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