Reviews Around the Web of The Royal Table

23 Mar 2010
OU Press

Reviews around the web of Rabbi Norman Lamm’s new haggadah commentary, The Royal Table:

  1. R. Lawrence Zierler in The Jewish Standard: link
  2. Alan Jay Gerber in The Jewish Star: link
  3. R. Shalom Z. Berger in Bookjed: link
  4. R. Hayyim Angel in The Jewish Press: link
  5. Josh Lambert in Tablet Magazine: link
  6. Jay Michaelson in The Forward: link
  7. Nachum Segal and Rabbi Menachem Genack discuss Rabbi Norman Lamm’s haggadah “The Royal Table”: link
  8. OU Press staff in Jewish Action: link
  9. Yeshiva University news: link
  10. R. Lawrence Zierler in The Jerusalem Post: link
  11. Alex Luxenberg in Kol Hamevaser: link (PDF, on page 26)

Learn more about the book here: link