Review of Kinot II

09 Jul 2010
OU Press

Alan Jay Gerber of The Jewish Star writes:

Thus, we note this week the elegant and sophistication of a new edition of the Kinot published this year. Titled, “The Koren Mesorat Harav Kinot” [Orthodox Union Press, Koren Publishers, 2010] this attractive volume contains several features that bring together diverse learning skills that would find an audience for just about anyone dedicated enough to engage this fast day in a serious manner.

Among the features found in this edition of the Kinot are, first and foremost, a collection of commentaries by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik that help us all to better appreciate both the halachic as well as the historic importance of this fast. The Rav, in his unique manner, demonstrates to us that the tears shed by previous generations need not be a source of pity nor shame for us today, rather, they should serve as a sign of pride in our historic determination to maintain our religious legacy through memory and mitzvoth. The Rav both intellectualizes this sad fast as well as gives us the emotional strength to help us fortify ourselves and the salvation we seek in the days soon to come.

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