Rabbi Burg and Rabbi Naiman on JM in the AM

OU Managing Director Rabbi Steven Burg and Director of East Bay NCSY Rabbi Akiva Naiman appeared on Nachum Segal’s radio program JM in the AM to discuss, among other topics, the new NCSY Summer Program called BILT (Boys Israel Leadership Training program), for which Rabbi Naiman serves as director. BILT is an all-new program for boys who want to challenge themselves while also having an incredibly fun time. The four-week expedition through Israel will test participants’ endurance through challenges such as a cross-country trek, army training on an IDF base and running a camp for Israeli kids. NCSY has Summer Programs tailored for yeshiva day school students, public school students, teens who want to build their learning skills, teens who want to make a difference as a chesed volunteer, and teens who want to spend their summer touring, hiking, biking, rafting and testing the limits of their physical endurance. With BILT, the summer experience is taken to a new level.