Professionals Gather to Confer Kosher

Earlier this week, OU Kosher held its annual Mashgiach Conference at the Renaissance Ballroom in Boro Park. The conference brought together over 125 Rabbis from headquarters and from the field in order to learn about the latest in the realm of OU Kosher as well as to network, exchange information, and enjoy each other’s company. The informative sessions included an in-depth discussion of the latest kashrus topics, from the latest developments of worms in sardines to problems at oil terminals. The OU Direct technology team, led by Rabbi Moshe Zywica, gave an engaging presentation on OU Kosher’s technological capabilities and future technology projects. Selwyn Gerberaddressed “Customer Care,” and the kashrus staff was presented with the opportunity to address questions to OU senior management. The conference also had the privilege to be addressed by Otniel Schneller an MK from Kadima, and Rabbi Ohayon, head of the Israeli Ministry of Religion.

Special to this year’s conference was a farewell address made by Rabbi Yaakov Luban on behalf of Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, who, after more than a quarter-century at the OU, has departed to serve as full-time rabbi of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills. Our thanks go to those without whom this successful event could not have come to fruition: Rabbi Michael Morris, Marika Levine, Sivia Golub, Avigail Klein, Riki Gorelick and Raizy Rosenfeld.