Partners in Torah

Our Partners in Torah coordinators can match you with a Jewish alumnus and alumna from a variety of OU programs. Mentors and participants learn together for six weekly half-hour sessions, or more if desired. Topics can range from basic Alef Bet and Shabbat, to Jewish History and Philosophy to Ethics, Kabbalah, Gamarra and beyond. You can learn over the phone, on video chat or in person. Your passion, background and knowledge can help strengthen and ignite your partner’s connection to Torah and mitzvot! Distance learning with students not only provides participants a chance to deepen their knowledge of Judaism but also to connect with a mentor in their professional field of interest.

The OU NextGen programs involved include:

Birthright, Israel Free Spirit

Birthright, Israel Free Spirit:
Birthright participants who come from a variety of Jewish backgrounds can request to learn Hebrew reading before their trip to Israel, or are inspired to learn after they return. In addition to language learning, participants are invited to further explore their heritage through the other PIT topics.
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NCSY Alumni
NCSY Alumni:
Whether they have ended up at YU, NYU or OU (Oklahoma University), alumni love learning Torah just as much as when they were NCSYers. Distance learning through PIT is a great opportunity because it can be challenging to find chevrusas to learn with on campuses with few Orthodox Jews.
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College students who participate in the Jewish Learning Initiative On Campus, currently at 16 schools and growing, look for a complete and meaningful Jewish experience. Hosted by a Co-educator couple, JLIC combines the vibrancy of family life with the richness of learning and mitzvot for Jewish students from any background. Students on JLIC campuses are as serious about their development as Jews as they are at succeeding at their secular studies.
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The Heart to Heart Project:
H2H is a grassroots movement that engages Jewish students to share their passion with fellow students through intimate Jewish experiences and peer-based relationships for innovative community building. Participants from H2H includes both students from a variety of Jewish backgrounds.
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