Torah Initiatives Parsha Trivia Challenge

Q and A for the Shabbos Table
Enjoy a great Shabbos seudah activity by solving these parsha questions.

Thank you to Rabbi Yitzy Fox of Silver Spring, MD, for providing these questions.


Warmup Questions: From the Pesukim

1)     What was the only item that Yaakov possessed when he arrived at Lavan’s house?

2)     What strategy did Yaakov employ when offering the animals as gifts to Esav?

3)      Which part of Yaakov’s body was injured?

4)      About whom was it said that “seeing your face is like seeing the face of Hashem”?

5)      What three things did Yaakov build?

6)      Which three people do Yaakov bury in the parsha?

7)      What did Rachel name her second son?

8)      Math problem: (How much Yaakov purchased land for + men Esav had – the years of Yitzchak’s life  the day that the brothers attacked Shechem Yaakov’s age was when he meets up with  number of male donkeys offered to Esav the number of times Yaakov’s family bowed to Esav =_______

More Challenging Questions: From Rashi

9)     Why did Yaakov tell Esav that he lived with Lavan? Who cares?

10)   What three things did Yaakov do to prepare for Esav and in what order did he do it?

11)   Where was the angel that Yaakov fought in a rush to go in the morning?

12)   Who hid Dina? Who took Dina? Who saved Dina?

13)   How did Yosef display courage and righteousness in the parsha?

14)   Who was a triplet?

15)   Which episode in the Torah should not be taken literally?

16)   Who was renamed in the Parsha?

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Bonus Questions

(Answers will be given in next week’s edition)

1)    Which two people mentioned in the parsha died prior to their child’s wedding?

2)    What are the two times in the parsha that a question is used as a response?

3)    Which Kohen and which King of Am Yisrael are mentioned in the parsha?