Torah Initiatives Parsha Trivia Challenge

Q and A for the Shabbos Table
Enjoy a great Shabbos seudah activity by solving these parsha questions.

Thank you to Rabbi Yitzy Fox of Silver Spring, MD, for providing these questions.


Warmup Questions: From the Pesukim

1)     Which type of Korban is completely burned on the mizbeyach?

2)     For which procedure does a kohen use his fingernail?

3)     What is the process when a Kohen scoops a measurement of flour for the Korban Mincha?

4)     Which ingredient must be added to every korban brought on the mizbeyach?

5)     A Korban Asham must be purchased for no less than _____ shekels?

6)     Which 2 ingredients that are usually in a mincha are missing from Minchas Chatas?

7)     Which offering is guaranteed to have “no sugar added”?

8)     What type of korban does a person bring for certain unintentional sins?

More Challenging Questions: From Rashi

9)     Why is it called a Korban “Shlamim”? (2 reasons)

10)  For which type of aveirah is a person required to bring a Korban Chatas?

11)  Which of the 4 primary steps of an animal sacrifice is a non-Kohen permitted to perform?

12)  What is the difference between the Korban Chatas of a regular person and that of a king/leader?

13)  For which Mincha offering is barley used?

14)  What type of korban does a person who was tamei & accidentally went into Beis Hamikdash bring?

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Bonus Questions

(Answers will be given in next week’s edition)

1)     Which mountain is mentioned in the Parsha?

2)    Where else in the Torah is the word “ויקרא” used when Hashem calls to someone?