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Q and A for the Shabbos Table
Enjoy a great Shabbos seudah activity by solving these parsha questions.

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Thank you to Rabbi Yitzy Fox of Silver Spring, MD, for providing the questions.

Parshas Bo

Warmup Questions: From the Pesukim

  1. Who would Paraoh not allow to leave Egypt prior to the plague of: a) Arbeh b) Makkas Bechoros?
  2. What time of day did Makkas Bechoros occur?
  3. Who asks Moshe & Aharon for a bracha in the Parsha?
  4. What is the problem with eating a “Ketucky Fried Korban Pesach” (KFKP)?
  5. Which 2 (lavin) prohibitions in the parsha can one transgress without doing an action?
  6. What did Bnei Yisrael “borrow” from their Egyptian neighbors?
  7. Which non-kosher firstborn animal must be redeemed?
  8. What “אות” (sign) is mentioned in the parsha? (4 answers)

More Challenging Questions: From Rashi

  1. Were there any Egyptian firstborns that were spared?
  2. Which secret tragedy happened to the Jews in the parsha?
  3. For how many days is one obligated to eat matzos on Pesach?
  4. What 3 events happened on the 15th day of Nissan?
  5. How do we calculate how Bnei Yisrael were foreigners (in Egypt) for 430 years?
  6. Who utilized “super speed” in the parsha?
  7. Name one daily, monthly and yearly mitzva that is mentioned in the Parsha?

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Bonus Questions

You need only answer one of the three correctly in order to enter.
You cannot enter more than once.
Winners will be announced in our weekly Shabbat Shalom newsletter.

(Answers will be given in next week’s edition – Send in your answers below!)

  1. Where in the Torah is Moshe described as being “angry”? (7 answers)
  2. List at least 7 different specific body parts that are mentioned in the Parsha?
  3. For which of the mitzvos that are mentioned in the parsha is there a punishment of Kares?
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