Torah Initiatives Parsha Trivia Challenge

Q and A for the Shabbos Table
Enjoy a great Shabbos seudah activity by solving these parsha questions.

Thank you to Rabbi Yitzy Fox of Silver Spring, MD, for providing these questions.


Warm-up Questions: From the Parsha

  1. Who had to shave their heads in the Parsha? (2 answers)
  2. Which mitzva was initiated by Bnei Yisrael?
  3. When did Bnei Yisrael finally leave Sinai?
  4. Whose job was it to blow the trumpets?
  5. Who did Yehoshua want to throw in jail?
  6. How much meat did Bnei Yisrael take from the Slav at Kivros Hataavah?
  7. Regarding which attribute was Moshe described as the “best in the world”?

More Challenging Questions: From Rashi

  1. Can a person have Chametz in his house while eating the Korban Pesach Sheni?
  2. Why did Hashem tell Moshe to gather a new group of 70 elders of Bnei Yisrael?
  3. Which 2 items does the Parsha say need to be made from 1 solid block of material?
  4. How did Miriam and Aharon underestimate Moshe?
  5. Which of their jobs could Leviim retain after age 50?
  6. Which tribe was known for doing the mitzva of Hashavas H’aveida (returning lost items) ?
  7. Who scouted out ahead of the nation before Bnei Yisrael would encamp in a place?

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Bonus Questions

(Answers will be given in next week’s edition)

  1. Which foods do we know that Bnei Yisrael ate in Egypt as stated in the parsha?
  2. Which 3 individuals referenced in the parsha are not referred to by their usual name?
  3. What are the 4 types of “nuns” ”נ’s” mentioned in the Parsha?