Parental Praise for an NCSY Summer

We’ve received so much positive feedback from parents for NCSY Summer Programs! A small sample appears below.

First, a family from Houston had three daughters on three different NCSY Summer Programs! They sent the following email to Director of Summer Programs David Cutler and his staff:

Dear David, Elana, and all the family members of SEG, ICE, and JOLT:
We were so pleased with the wonderful programs you ran this summer. Our girls had THE BEST time. Thank you for all the hard work, organization,and strong efforts that went into the wonderful experiences. From Houston, around the world and back, you have left our daughters with great memories that will last a lifetime with longlasting friendships.
Kol Hakavod,

We also received feedback forwarded by Rabbi Jon Green, Director of Camp NCSY Sports. First, Rabbi Green himself reported that Camp Sports “had a boy learn how to read Hebrew and daven for the first time this summer. Another boy began putting on tefilin at camp and took the pair home, he has put tefilin on every day since camp. One NCSYer finished Masechta Megilla that he had started before camp lzecher nishams his friend who had died during the year, he made the siyum for us at our end of the year BBQ. One young man in Yeshiva had not planned on going to Eretz Yisroel post high school, but now will, and he will rely on advice from his advisors while he makes the decision, which Yeshiva to attend. This is only a glimpse of many stories this summer and I look forward to sharing more of them with you in person.”

As far as feedback from the parents, a small sample includes the following:

“Thank you so much for allowing our son the most amazing summer. You helped ignite a spark for learning and yiddishkeit in ——— that was hard for him to get in school this year. He made wonderful friends and hopes to continue the friendships that he made over the year. The counselors were incredible and you ran an amazing camp program. We cant thank you enough, I only wish it was a little longer!!!! Yasher Koach to you and your entire staff! “


“I just wanted to thank you for all you did with my son at Camp Sports. ——– repeatedly would tell me that this was his best camp experience ever. Moreover, like many 17 year old boys, ——- has questions about Judaism etc…. Spiritually, —— told me that he has a lot stronger feelings about Torah and his Judaism. We don’t really know how that came about, but we are very grateful for it.” 

We are proud of the work done by NCSY Summer Programs and grateful for the impact that they make on the youth of klal Yisrael!