An Overwhelming Experience

We were overwhelmed and shaken by meeting the Tragerman family this afternoon during a shiva visit. Hearing their story as well as the story of their friends and family who have committed their lives to making the desert bloom, building Israel and building the Jewish people was a source of inspiration. The hug and embrace that Daniel’s father and grandfather gave us implanted the value that we are all one family. During the visit the siren went off and the house full of people ran to the cheder atum (protected room)  having only 15 seconds to get everyone to safety. This time the rocket missed the Tragermans but tragically took the lives of two more of our brethren living in the Eshkol region of the Negev which borders Gaza.

We spent time with the soldiers at the Iron Dome installation which today prevented seven rockets from landing in Ashkelon and it’s environs. The platoon asked us to express their gratitude and the gratitude of all of Israel to Congress for saving thousands of lives by funding Iron Dome. We observed first hand the downing of a rocket headed towards a crowded neighborhood in Ashkelon.

Our brothers are strong and have great spirits however a sadness saturates their lives during this time when so many have been lost, traumatized and effected by the evil being perpetrated by Hamas and its funders. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with the Southern communities and all of Israel.