Outer Space Kosher Movie

Have you ever tasted candy that’s out of this world?

In today’s world of modern food production, making a product kosher is a lot more complicated than you think…   

But it can be a lot of fun too!

School’s out and Ezra and his best friend David are home for the summer. Their parents insist they find jobs to keep themselves occupied. David would prefer to stay home and study algebra and Ezra is more interested in his two favorite pastimes – eating chocolate and having fun. One day, Ezra and David discover that a nearby chocolate factory is hiring. That’s when the fun begins!

Join Ezra and David on this super-charged, exciting adventure, as they learn the hard way what working for a large company can be like. Through all their trials and tribulations, they manage to take their love for chocolate to a whole new level – a cosmic level!  Corporate America has a lot to learn from these young boys. You’ll learn a lot too, like how complicated making a product kosher can be and what it means to not compromise quality, stay true to your values and still create a product that everyone loves… A product that’s out of this world!

Yisroel Mindell
Yaakov Fuchs
Andrew Dars 

Executive Producer:  Yaakov Luban    

Director of Photography:  Moshe Magder

Joe Johnson

Written by:
Gary Magder
Rick Magder

Produced & Directed by Rick Magder