OU’s 2014 Guide to Passover

Over the past few weeks, we’ve presented passing teasers of the OU’s 2014 Guide to Passover. Now, as the Guide goes to print, we’d like to tell you a little bit more about what you can expect.

The Guide is an annual favorite – truly indispensable for so many when it comes to Pesach preparation. This year, the Guide features an exciting new design as well as a number of useful new features.

In addition to consumer listings that detail those items that require OU-P certification, and those that are acceptable for Pesach use with a regular OU, as well as the status of various medications, the Guide features Pesach FAQs drawn from questions most frequently asked on the OU Kosher Hotline, a brand-new feature with incredibly useful cooking and baking substitutions for Pesach recipes, a new guide to bedikas chametz, a kashering primer, Seder shiurim and more.

There are many people to thank for compiling the Guide to Passover – who performed so many disparate tasks including writing, editing, designing, order-taking, data crunching, shipping, web and app development and much more. Acknowledging the risk of leaving someone out, key players from OU Communications and OU Kosher who executed this monumental annual project include: Director of Design and Branding Carrie Beylus; recently-retired Senior Director of Communications David Olivestone, now a valued consultant to the OU; Senior Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz;  Director of OU Pesach Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Singer; Art Director Ellianna Schwab, who developed the 2014 Guide’s fresh new look; Manager of Special Projects Malka Pearl, Eli Lebowicz, Director of Digital Marketing Gary Magder, with Florence Arking, Miriam Weiland, Shelomo Dobkin and his web development team in Israel; Shalom Silbermintz; Aviva Gottesman, Community Engagement’s Adina Schwarzbaum, Rabbi Eli Eleff, Rabbi Eli Gersten, Rabbi Gavriel Price, and Rabbi Moshe Zywicka, Chief Communications Officer Mayer Fertig, and OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack.

The Guide is available to order at www.ou.org/guide, or by contacting Eli Lebowicz at 212-613-8290 or lebowicze@ou.org. Subscribers to the OU’s Jewish Action magazine will receive the Guide together with the spring issue, due right after Purim. Information in the Guide will also be available at www.oupassover.org and on the OU Kosher app for iPhone and Droid.