Our Way Presents its Eighth Annual PowerPoint Presentation of Megillat Esther for Purim

Our Way, the OU’s program for the deaf and hard of hearing, presents its eighth annual PowerPoint presentation of Megillat Esther for Purim. Said Batya Jacob, Program Director of Our Way, “This engaging program, with Hebrew and English side-by-side, used in conjunction with the Megillah reading in synagogue, allows individuals with hearing challenges, visual challenges, attention deficits, and the elderly, to easily participate in their communities’ celebration of the holiday of Purim. This year, we have close to 200 synagogues using the program in North America; as well as a synagogue in London, England for the first time, as we are branching out to communities overseas in England, Australia, and Israel.” For more information, contact Batya at 212-613-8127 or batyaj@ou.org