OU Testifies for Non-Public Schools in PA

The OU testified before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in support of theEducational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), calling it “a nationally-mimicked model” that enjoys “bi-partisan, bicameral” support that “does not pit public and nonpublic school communities one against the other.” The OU also expressed gratitude that this year’s budget, which had underfunded the program for two years, now funds EITC in full. Also, the income cap for a family’s eligibility was increased.

In the OU’s opinion, any education reform should start with a stable and increased EITC. The OU also urged the legislature to enact a voucher program to the day school community and supported increased public school choice for the community at large. Other viable tax code incentives that should be considered include personal credits or deductions for parents paying tuition or for parents of public school students laying out money for tutoring, test prep, etc. Finally, the OU asked lawmakers to ensure that programs pertaining to health, safety, security and technology be open to all schools and students.

More about this legislation and the OU’s testimony can be found here and here.