“OU Kosher Coming” Goes to Schools

OU Kosher Coming, a program under the direction of Rabbi Eliyahu Safran that sends kashrus representatives to speak in all types of schools, yeshivas and seminaries, has recently received glowing feedback from some of its audiences.

Rabbi Dov Schreier addressed 8th graders at the Westchester Day School as part of their kashrus curriculum. Rabbi Stephen Knapp, the Assistant Principal of Judaic Studies, wrote Rabbi Safran to report that the students found Rabbi Schreier to be “engaging (and) relevant…regardless of their background and (level of) observance.”

Meanwhile, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, gave a presentation on fish, his area of special expertise, to two sixth-grade classes at Yehiva K’tana Torah Vodaath. He received a very nice letter signed by all students in both classes thanking him for a “lively, fascinating lesson.”