OU Kosher presented as part of the OU Community Weekend in South Florida

As part of the OU Community Weekend in South Florida, OU Kosher presented Rabbis Yosef Grossman, Chaim Loike and Dovid Jenkins in a panel session entitled “Ask the OU Rabbis.” The program, held at the Young Israel of Hollywood, followed a presentation by Rabbi Loike on “The Mesorah of Kosher Birds” and by Rabbi Jenkins on “How Tootsie Roll, Gatorade and Corporate America have Affected Kashrut.” OU Senior Educational Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Yosef Grossman declared, “We were happy to be able to share with South Florida residents the same high-quality ASK OU program which we make available for people in the northeast.”

Regarding the event, Rabbi Yosef Weinstock, Associate Rabbi at the Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale, wrote:

Those in attendance were impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge that the OU Kashruth professionals shared with us. And it was all done in a way that was easy to follow and understand. People left with a new appreciation for the complexity of kosher supervision in the 21st century and why the OU is at the forefront of kashrut services for the kosher consumer.

Our thanks go to all who worked so hard to make this program the impactful presentation it was!