OU Guide to Passover

Have you begun your Pesach shopping yet? Tens of thousands of kosher consumers wait anxiously each year to get their hands on the OU Guide to Passover. In the past week, more than 60,000 copies have been distributed to shuls, yeshivot/day schools, supermarkets, and, of course, by mail to every OU member. It will also be available to read online at www.ou.org/Passover in the next day or two.

With a serious nudge from Rabbi Moshe Zywica and Rabbi Eli Eleff, much of the editorial focus this year is on guiding readers towards the huge amount of Pesach information available at www.ou.org/passover, and to get them to download and use the new OU Kosher app. Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz again served as general editor, assembling some fascinating new features on wine-making, studying a halacha a day, running a successful seder, and more. Of course, the nuts and bolts of the Guide-the product listings-are the work of Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Singer, assisted as always by Avigail Klein and Mussy Herzog. Rabbis Binyomin Geiger and Gavriel Price also provided creative ideas. The Guide team was rounded out by David Olivestone and designers Raizy Rosenfeld, Yocheved Lefkovits and Tova Belsh, with Carrie Beylus managing the ads, and Malka Braun coordinating the orders and distribution.