OU Gabbai Seminar

“The Gabbai’s Torah,” our free, digital course developed to address many of the important issues that are faced by today’s Gabbai, is available to you HERE.

We at the OU recognize that the job of gabbai can be challenging and often thankless. The OU Synagogue Initiative invites you this series of online shiurim and discussions addressing issues relating to your responsibilities as a gabbai. This first-of-its-kind program serves and supports those who assume the responsibility of overseeing and guiding the tefillah be-tzibbur of our communities across the country.

Some highlights:

  • Qualifications of a sheliach tzibbur 
  • Kaddish matters
  • The tenth man
  • Keri’at ha-Torah crises
  • Who gets the aliyyah?
  • Tachanun – and more
  • We will also, with your input and the guidance of experts, learn about best practices for managing the inevitable conflicts and difficult personalities that gabba’im must face.