On the Spot

The recent OU Job Fair held in Boro Park drew a crowd of 450, including both candidates and employers. As we have come to expect, a number of participants were hired on the spot. Part of the success of the OU Job Fairs is that the candidates who register have had their resumes pre-screened to ensure that they qualify for the positions that are being offered. There is no aimless wandering around with the result that no one’s time is wasted.

100 representatives from 48 employers were on hand to meet with 350 job seekers about 250 open positions. At least four candidates were hired on the spot. Since then, a total of 15 have been hired (so far), with 51 called back for second interviews. This represents feedback from only one-quarter of the employers who attended, so the actual numbers may even be far higher.

Kudos to Michael (Srulie) Rosner and the staff of the OU Job Board. You can read more about the job fair here.