Tova Sklar of Bergenfield Named NCSY’s International Teen President

27 Oct 2014
Tova Sklar (left) together with New Jersey NCSYer Rachel Rogers at NCSY’s Leadership Boot Camp.

Tova Sklar of Bergenfield’s first experience with NCSY was on a relief mission to New Orleans with New Jersey NCSY director Rabbi Ethan Katz. Dubbed the “disaster rabbi” by local press for his work helping out communities that have been damaged by the acts of Nature, Tova was immediately impressed with Rabbi Katz’s selfless devotion to the principle of “tikkun olam,” fixing the world. Tova’s enthusiasm also caught Rabbi Katz’s eyes.

“Tova’s leadership qualities stood out during New Orleans,” Rabbi Katz related about the trip where NCSYers from New Jersey built houses with Habitat for Humanity. “There was no question she was going to rise up the ranks.”

“NCSY changed my view on Judaism,” Tova, now 17, stated. “I met a bunch of public school students who were struggling to keep Shabbat and all this time I had taken advantage of how easy it was for me to keep it. Seeing how they were so devoted made me realize how fortunate I am and made me more motivated in my own Judaism.”

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