Remembering Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan: NCSY republishes collection of his selected works

26 Jan 2022

On the occasion of the 39th yartzheit of Rabbi Aryeh Moshe Eliyahu Kaplan, NCSY – the national youth movement of the Orthodox Union – has launched the NCSY Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan Library. The reissuance of Rabbi Kaplan’s illuminating writings is designed to help preserve his unique legacy and introduce it to contemporary youth.

Rabbi Kaplan, one of the central figures in the American Jewish spiritual awakening “teshuva movement” of the 1960s, was one of NCSY’s foremost thinkers who influenced thousands of unaffiliated Jewish teens over the course of several decades. The physicist-turned-rabbi’s prolific output of books, essays, pamphlets and translations of complex Kabbalah works were clear and compelling. Most notably, perhaps, Rabbi Kaplan synthesized his extraordinary understanding of Jewish law, mysticism, science and other disciplines to make them accessible to a wide Jewish audience, especially teenagers – a notoriously underserved demographic.

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