OU’s Rabbi Dave, Kiruv Expert, Chairs AJOP Annual Convention

23 Dec 2011


Rabbi Dave Felsenthal, the Director of the OU Alumni Connections Department and a longtime senior professional with NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership, the OU’s international youth program, has been named Chair of the 24th Annual International Convention of AJOP – the Association of Jewish Outreach Programs – to be held January 15-17 in Stamford, CT.

AJOP, according to its website “is an independent network that supports the men and women who have dedicated their lives to guiding Jews to a life enriched by traditional Torah values. The theme of the 2012 Convention is “Turning Kiruv (Outreach) Inside Out.”

In a statement, Rabbi Felsenthal (more commonly known as “Rabbi Dave”) said: “It is an honor to have my former NCSY Regional Director and the Director of AJOP, Rabbi Yitzchok Lowenbraun, ask me to Chair the AJOP Conference, which is the only opportunity to convene Jewish outreach professionals from all camps of Orthodox Judaism working with all age groups together, to support and learn from each other.

“As the Director of Collegiate Engagement of the OU, I deal with outreach professionals who follow up with our NCSY and Birthright Alumni all the time. I am so thankful for all they do for our young people and am glad to be able to give back to them through this event. The OU is very involved in this Convention with sessions being given by Rabbi Steven Burg (OU Managing Director and NCSY International Director), Rabbi Ilan Haber (Director of JLIC, the Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus), Rabbi Yaakov Glasser (New Jersey NCSY Regional Director), Rabbi Aryeh Lighstone (New York NCSY Regional Director) and many more.”

“A new idea we are implementing this year is to give the local Orthodox community the chance to hear from the very best speakers among the outreach professionals on a stand-alone day of “Inreach” on Sunday, January 15, culminating in a huge combined session later in the day with all of the professionals.”

Rabbi Burg, who plays an active role in AJOP activities, welcomed the choice of his OU colleague as Chair. He said, “Congratulations to Rabbi David Felsenthal – affectionately known as ‘Rabbi Dave’ – upon his selection as chairman of the AJOP convention. The talent, dedication and warm personality that have made him a kiruv legend are well-known to his colleagues in the OU and NCSY. We are proud to have him share these considerable skills with our colleagues in other organizations through his long-time association with AJOP.”

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