The Numbers Don’t Lie — The OU Job Board is a Great Success

10 Jun 2013


“The Orthodox Union Job Board has recently put more than ten million dollars of working capital back into the hands of the Jewish community,” announced Michael Rosner, the Job Board’s international director.

That number was generated by the OU Job Board | Employment and Resumé Opportunities during a less than three-month period, according to a recent statistical analysis conducted on employment placement. The information was based upon individuals who were hired after applying for positions found on the Job Board between January 1-March 20, 2013; positions in various fields filled at a job fair in April; and positions filled at a specialized job fair with a focus on those with special needs (presented in conjunction with Yachad/The National Jewish Council for Disabilities, the OU’s agency dedicated to enhancing the opportunities of individuals with disabilities).

A leader in the field of career development and enhancement, each month the OU Job Board averages at any one time 2,500 posted jobs; 500 uploaded resumés; more than 800 registered hiring companies; and more than 100 employers reviewing resumés. Jobs are posted and monitored on a daily basis.

Results from the job placement analysis showed that 187 individuals found employment. “Of 149 individuals who were hired, the average salary was $68,500,” shared Mr. Rosner. “This average represents only people who responded to the Job Board’s survey asking if they got a job.” (Statistics from the Yachad job fair are not included in that number.)

Rabbi Yosef Wikler, editor of Kashrus Magazine, wrote to the OU Job Board, “Your services are truly unbelievable. I posted a job online and hired the first respondent. He contacted us the very same day we posted.”

At the April job fair, a total of 500 attended, including 90 walk-ins. 215 of those were called in for initial interviews, and 135 received second interviews (in other words, 62.8 percent of job seekers who received an initial interview). Overall, 50 people were hired as of the end of May — 37 percent of those who received second interviews.

According to Michael Rosner, the OU Job Board’s success rate from its job fairs is three times the national average, using numbers from Google Analytics. “The average job board fills one percent of the jobs posted—the best of the larger job boards get four percent. The OU Job Board, though comparatively small, has a ten percent rating,” he explained.

OU job fairs have been beneficial for both employers and job seekers as the Job Board limits the job seekers who attend to only those qualified for the positions advertised. In doing this, higher level candidates attend with expertise appropriate for the job being filled.

Following a recent OU job fair, Rabbi Wikler said, “The night after her interview, one applicant contacted me about following up with an article. She completed it in record time and was hired. Other people sent lengthy critiques and follow-up calls; and we are filling our positions as a result of four powerful hours interviewing at the OU job fair. If anyone is serious about finding a job, this is where it happens.”

D.S., who found her job using the OU Job Board, shared, “I started to look for a job with little success. I met a friend on the train one day and she suggested that I check the OU Job Board. I took a look and applied for a senior accountant position. I was called in for an interview later that week and hired soon after.”

Another appreciative job seeker, J.M., wrote to the Job Board, “Thank you for arranging yesterday’s networking event. I had a rewarding time. I had been thinking of not going, since I have been feeling under the weather lately. At the last minute I changed my mind. I am glad I did. I made a lot of new connections and learned many new things about my profession.”

In addition to posting jobs and resumés, the OU Job Board is a leader in educational “re-tooling” classes; seminars/webinars; online career counseling; resumé rewrites; and other vital employment and social services.

To benefit from the OU Job Board or to volunteer professional services, visit; email; or call 212.613.4000 and ask for the OU Job Board.

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