The New

If you’ve visited within the last several weeks, you’ve probably noticed a significant change: a whole new website that is the culmination of an intense two-year building project that consolidated myriad OU sites and programs under one online umbrella. While the phrase “cutting-edge” is somewhat hackneyed, by visiting the newly redesigned OU homepage, you will be able to attain a true picture of all the activities and initiatives in which the OU is involved – be it a description of how OU Advocacy is working on getting government funding for Jewish schools, shiurim from across the world on OU Torah, a video made by our indefatigable Yachad teens, the history of NCSY in photos, or the latest kosher alerts.

Aside from its pleasing new aesthetic elements, the revamped website also ensures that you are part of the OU. The Community and Synagogue Finder will enable visitors to see shuls, mikvaot, day schools and jobs in Jewish communities around the United States. As an added benefit, OU members who register will be able to post information to their own community’s page, providing a virtual tour of their hometown. The website also enables you to personalize the homepage with your customized candle lighting times and other z’manim. Think of it as an online OU Pocket Diary.

Credit for all this goes to the OU Communications digital marketing unit at 11 Broadway and to our squad of web developers based in Israel, all led by Director of Digital Marketing Gary Magder. In alphabetical order, thanks to Florence Arking, Avi Block, Ilan Cohen, Shelomo DobkinDaniel Glucksman, Joe Neuman, Yocheved Nitsun, Nicholas Slatiner and Miriam Weiland.

As Orthodox Jews, we do not shy away from embracing the modern world. Instead, we take what the world offers us and use it to uplift our spiritual lives. I believe our new website is an example of this. The website will be constantly updated with news of our programs as well as a variety of information of general Jewish interest (prepared by OU Communications’ staff writers, Bayla Sheva Brenner, Michael Orbach, Batya Rosner and Zvi Volk, as well as various other contributors). Be sure to visit and return often.