New Issue of RCA’s Tradition Centers on Abuse in the Jewish Community

02 Nov 2017

How do we discuss abuse in the Jewish community? What should we do Halakhically about abusive rabbis? Why is it so hard to address these topics?

Read about all this and more in a special issue of the journal Tradition which focuses on abuse in the Jewish community and what we can do about it.

Read the following articles:

Editor’s note: What is the opposite of weakness?

Guest editor introduction by Rabbi Yitzchak Blau

Institutional abuse in the Jewish community by Shira M. Berkovits

Sexual abuse in the orthodox Jewish community: an analysis of the roots of the failure to effectively respond to the crisis Rabbi Yosef Blau

Discussing and reporting abuse – a halakhic perspective Rabbi David Brofsky

Standing idly by: when leaders enable sexual abuse by Dr. Erica Brown

What to do with abusive rabbis: halakhic considerations by Rabbi Mark Dratch

“And your camp shall be holy” – the case of the Takana forum Professor Yedidya Stern

Survey of recent halakhic periodical literature: cadaveric dental implants by J. David Bleich

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