Meet Digital Media

The Digital Media Online Marketing Department, under the leadership of Gary Magder, is involved with a number of exciting projects that continue to enhance the OU’s online presence. Working behind the scenes, they quietly facilitate every aspect of the OU, from outreach to development. Among their numerous recent accomplishments, they created the NCSY Summer Program blog pages, enabling friends and family to keep up with teens on our tours, and are Beta testing Shul2Shul, a series of templates for synagogue web sites. They also designed and developed the site for the Yachad marathon. From OU Kosher to the Job Board to the IPA, OU Digital Media is the unsung hero behind the scenes.

Coming up in the foreseeable future, new projects from Digital Media will includes a newJewish Action web site, including some exclusive online content, a “Kosher Questions”Facebook applications, and new navigation on We can also look forward to a new design for the OU’s weekly Shabbat Shalom email, a virtual “Behind the Union Symbol”magazine, and many more exciting new features.

Our thanks go Gary Magder and his team: Miriam Weiland, Moshe Steinberg, Dan Jeselsohn, Florence Arking, Shelomo Dobkin, Avi Block and Joe Neuman. They and others contribute much towards the OU’s public presentation by the way they help us to interact with our constituents in the online world.