Maury Litwack as Scholar-in-Residence at Kesher Israel Congregation

Maury Litwack, OU Director of Political Affairs, will serve as scholar-in-residence at Kesher Israel Congregation in Harrisburg, PA for Shabbat, Friday, June 15-Saturday, June 16, in a community weekend presented by the OU Karasick Department of Synagogue Services. He will discuss “Spies and Sabotage in the Bible: Why Moses Reacts Better than Nixon,” “The Jewish Day School Tuition Crisis – An In-Depth Look at the Problem and the Proposed Solutions,” followed by a Q&A session, and “Common Orthodox Advocacy Mistakes: Lessons from My Work for 15 Elected Officials.”

Rabbi Akiva Males, rabbi of Kesher Israel, stated, “I have had the opportunity to interact with Maury during several OU Leadership Missions to Washington, DC. I have always been impressed with Maury’s knowledge, talents, and his ability to represent the Jewish community. I am sure that over the course of Shabbat, our community will have a chance to better understand some of the political work that the OU is engaging in on our behalf. I am also sure that Maury will help our community better understand the role we can play in the lobbying process.”