Make Your Voice Heard: Vote Torah

Starting TODAY, you have an opportunity to cast your vote and seat the 37th World Zionist Congress, the men and women who will chart a new path for Israel and world Jewry.
With the future of religious Zionism hanging in the balance, we call on you to vote for the Religious Zionist Slate.Running under the banner “Vote Torah,” the Religious Zionist Slate is dedicated to strengthening Israel’s “Jewish soul” and ensuring the future of religious Zionist ideals.Just 5 MINUTES of your time and a $10 DONATION to the World Zionist Organization will help:• BUILD bridges and increase unity within Am Yisrael
PRESERVE and enrich Torah values and Jewish life in Israel and around the world
PROMOTE Aliyah to Israel
SECURE funding for educational and outreach programs worldwide that exemplify Torah values
ENSURE the security of a united Jerusalem

Make your voice heard!

 Vote Now! 

Vote for the Religious Zionist Slate.
‘Vote Torah’ for the soul of Israel.

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