Leadership Retreat

The OU's Leadership Retreat will be held this year in the Stamford Hilton from January 7-9, 2022. We are pleased to be running the program alongside OU-JLIC's Staff Conference this year. This annual conference is where OU-JLIC's campus and national professionals ponder the big questions on how to help young men and women thrive and observe key aspects of Jewish life in secular campus environments across the United States, Canada and Israel.

Considering your role as an integral part of the OU's Board of Directors, OU-JLIC Commission members and select OU-JLIC donors, we are honored to have you to join us to learn, experience and explore what OU-JLIC does on campus and what that means for leaders of tomorrow. Our retreat will hear shiurim, join discussions and explore the scope and reach of the OU and OU-JLIC.

Registration has now closed – to check for availability, please email Hannah Farkas at hannahf@ou.org.