Latest Issue of Jewish Action is Hot off the Presses

The latest issue of Jewish Action is hot off the presses! This issue features “The Orthodox Family of the 21st Century” — Is there a growing divorce problem in the Orthodox community? Is technology bad for your kids? How does an off-the-derech child affect the family? Find out this and more from a broad spectrum of contributors, include Rabbi Dr. Harvey Belovski, Dr. Aviva Biberfeld, Rabbi Ilan Feldman, Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Rivkah Rabinowitz, and Shana Yocheved Schacter!

Other features include “Shabbos: Judaism’s Priceless Treasure,” “How Did You Get Into That?,” Drink to Your…Health?,” delicious new Pesach recipes, an expanded book review section, and more! Kudos to editor Nechama Carmel and the entire Jewish Action team!