Jewish Women ASK OU

The participants of the recent ASK OU Seminar for Women represented the full spectrum of Orthodox Judaism and the participants praised the expertise, passion, professionalism and clarity that the program instructors displayed. The multi-faceted program included plant visitations, power points, handouts and hands-on presentations.

Feedback to the program has been phenomenal or, in the words of one participant, “gevaldig.” Among the responses:

• I’m very/highly impressed with the depth of expertise, the specialist approach, the web-savvy-ness, the ability to communicate vast amounts of complex material so effectively.
• I was impressed with the scope of topics covered
• Many topics were covered and presented in a clear and concise format.
• The ASK OU program was amazing! The program structure, presenters, participants and overall experience were excellent. It was well organized and the materials received in the mail were excellent and helpful.
• I just wanted to thank everyone from the ASK OU Seminar for the wonderful week that I just had. It was a fantastic experience that was worth all the difficulties in just disappearing for a week! Besides for all the wonderful lectures/lessons etc and the great respect that I have gained from all the work that you do, it was beautiful to meet so many different people from the entire spectrum of orthodoxy with the same goals and aspirations.

Our thanks go to Rabbi Yosef Grossman, ably assisted by Avigail Klein, for this and other fine Harry H. Beren ASK OU programs!