Ideas for Community Programming


As shuls look to transition to more virtual community programs, we hope to offer

  • Torah: 

Daf Yomi:  

  • accessing already running shiurim with local whatsapp 
  • asking people to “tweet” one line of response to something they learned that day, just to keep people on target. 
  • have a dvar Torah at the end of each perek

Shiurim sites:

Avoda: (using conference call or video platform, i.e., zoom)


  • Pre-Shabbat message
  • Virtual pre-Shabbat story
  • Virtual Kabbalat Shabbos
  • Havdalah


  • Virtual davening
  • Whatsapp group for updates


Gemilut Chasadim: 

Vulnerable populations and their needs:

  • Elderly – shopping, check-in phone calls
  • Mashgichim – relief fund
  • Singles – check-in, Shabbat meals

Chesed Platforms:


Food purchases:

  • Exploring distribution at larger spaces like shuls
  • Exploring delivery service 

Halachik preparation

 – What is a halachic prep for Pesach?  

– Cooking  demo?

Activities: (via zoom)

  • Challah bake
  • Exercise class
  • Family/Friends whatsapp groups
  • Talent show with kids
  • Virtual paint-night 
  • Scavenger hunt and challenges for families – i.e. build the biggest…and send in a picture, some up with a song for…

Mental Health: 

  • Nightly support groups run by a rotation of mental health professionals
  • Keep your regular schedule (davening, bedtime)
  • Get fresh air
  • Educational-psychological 5” thought daily (email/audio)

Synagogue support: 

  • Boilerplate letter for synagogues, mikvaot