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Hurricane Irma, a massive storm, is severely impacting the southeastern United States, home to various Jewish Communities.

Until the winds cease and the flood waters recede, there is no way of determining the extent of the damage caused by this historic storm.

The Orthodox Union, the Rabbinical Council of America, the Agudath Israel of America and Achiezer Community Resource Center are working together to coordinate a massive effort to help those who will be affected by the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. 100% of the proceeds of this campaign will go towards relief and recovery efforts.

Once the damages are assessed, we will work directly with local institutions and agencies, local rabbis as well as local and national Jewish Federations, so we can best decide where the funds are needed most.

Less than two weeks ago, the Houston Jewish Community received an overwhelming outpouring of support. We also urge all not to forget those who continue to need our help in Houston. You can support both of these efforts today and we thank you for your generosity.