Hilchot Tefilla: Table of Contents

15 Nov 2010
OU Press

We recently issued a press release about our new book, Hilchot Tefilla: A Comprehensive Guide to the Laws of Daily Prayer by Rabbi David Brofsky (press release, book). Below is the table of contents, which should give you an idea of the book’s scope.

Chapter 1: Netilat Yadayim — Washing Hands upon Waking
Chapter 2: The Blessings over the Torah
Chapter 3: Birkot Ha-Shachar and the Korbanot
Chapter 4: Pesukei De-Zimrah
Chapter 5: Keri’at Shema
Chapter 6: Birkot Keri’at Shema
Chapter 7: Interruptions During Keri’at Shema and its Blessings
Chapter 8: Proper Times for the Recitation of Keri’at Shema and its Berakhot
Chapter 9: Kavvanah During Keri’at Shema and the Laws of Reading the Shema
Chapter 10: Keri’at Shema — Problematic Situations and Places (1) “And Your Camp Shall be Holy”
Chapter 11: Keri’at Shema — Problematic Situations and Places (2) “And He Should See No Nakedness in You”
Chapter 12: The Obligation to Pray and the Shemoneh Esreh — Avodah She-Balev — Service of the Heart
Chapter 13: The Text of the Shemoneh Esreh
Chapter 14: Preparations for Tefillah
Chapter 15: The Proper Times for Prayer and Tefillat Tashlumin
Chapter 16: One Who Misses a Prayer — Tashlumin
Chapter 17: The Proper Manner to Recite the Shemoneh Esreh
Chapter 18: Maintaining Kavvanah During Prayer, and Avoiding Distractions
Chapter 19: Personalization of Tefillah — Praying in Vernacular, and Personal Requests
Chapter 20: Tefillat Nedavah — The Voluntary Prayer and Alternatives to the Shemoneh Esreh
Chapter 21: Insertions and Errors in the Recitation of the Shemoneh Esreh
Chapter 22: Concluding the Shemoneh Esreh
Chapter 23: The Chazzan’s Repetition — Chazarat Ha-Shatz
Chapter 24: Kedushah and Modim De-Rabbanan
Chapter 25: Birkat Kohanim
Chapter 26: Viddui and Nefilat Appayim (Tachanun)
Chapter 27: Prayers Recited Asher the Shemoneh Esreh
Chapter 28: Tefillat Minchah
Chapter 29: Tefillat Arvit
Chapter 30: Keri’at Shema al Ha-Mittah — The Bedtime Shema

Next to come will be an excerpt so you can get a feel for the book’s style.